How do you join a prevention mutual ?

It is very easy to join one of acciSST’s prevention mutuals. From the moment you make contact with us, we will handle all the work involved in this process. Contact one of our advisors for a free, no-obligation evaluation.

Your company must first be registered with the CNESST (CSST). It must also in good standing with the CNESST and be at either the unit or the personalized rate. You can then request that we analyze your file and we will be able to offer a product perfectly suited to your company’s needs. We are specialists in workplace health and safety, so our role is to determine which actions to take during the different steps when an employer makes the decision to join a prevention mutual.

For any questions or for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your file, contact Eric Gagné ([email protected]) 1 (888) 864-7578 poste 250

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