What is a prevention mutual ?

A prevention mutual is a group of business owners who strive to improve their performance in terms of injury prevention and management.

By joining a prevention mutual, which is completely voluntary, the employer chooses the best option available to control and reduce its CNESST (CSST) premiums. The business’ efforts to ensure a safe and healthy workplace are therefore rewarded by more than considerable savings. The process is simple, the mutual groups business owners together based on their workplace health and safety records to help them access a more advantageous CNESST (CSST) rate.

Beyond the savings a prevention mutual can help you make, there are also many other benefits, such as :

  • Prevention management support
  • Injury management support
  • Help to manage financing
  • Rigorous follow-up on every CNESST claim file
  • Effective, personalized advice
  • Training based on your business needs

30,000 employers have joined a prevention mutual. Join the acciSST Group to save 35% to 50% off your CNESST costs!

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