ACCIsst prevention mutuals

The ACCIsst Group has three mutuals available to meet your different needs. We will guide you to the right one for you.

Our 3 prevention mutuals, which are Select, Level 1 and Essor, are designed to meet businesses’ needs based on their workplace health and safety performance level. Your membership in the prevention mutual includes:

  • Legal services
  • A management audit for your business
  • Prevention program design and implementation
  • Workplace health and safety documentation and tools
  • Training capsules
  • Employer assistance for the CNESST and TAT (formerly the CLP) (the Administrative Labour Court)
  • CNESST claims management support
  • Financial classification study

Not to forget the considerable savings that you will enjoy on your CNESST (CSST) costs!

A mutual designed for your needs

Join the prevention mutual best-suited for your business now.

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