acciSST, your best partner in workplace health and safety

The acciSST Group will support all your workplace health and safety needs. From prevention to management, we provide personalized advice and solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Prevention mutuals

The best way to manage your CNESST (CSST) costs and to s substantially save.

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Workplace health and safety services

Whether to prevent or manage an injury, our mission is to inform, support and advise you, whatever your needs may be.

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Workplace health and safety training

Prevention is the foundation of workplace health and safety. Learn about the acciSST Group’s personalized, professional training programs.

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Founded in 1999, acciSST is a family business dedicated to workplace health and safety at Québec-based businesses.

Everything you need to know about prevention mutuals

The best way for employers to control their CNESST (CSST) costs and achieve substantial savings.

What is a prevention mutual?

A prevention mutual is a group of business owners who strive to improve their performance in terms of injury prevention and management.

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What types of mutuals does acciSST offer?

The acciSST Group offers three different mutuals based on employers’ specific needs.

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How to join a prevention mutual

Your company must first of all be in good standing with the CNESST (CSST) and be at the unit or personalized rate.

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How do you switch prevention mutuals?

It is very simple for an employer to change their prevention mutual.

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Workplace health and safety training

Our group believes that prevention is the best solution for a safe business. We are proud to provide high quality training.

  • Offered at your premises

  • Adapted to the workplace environment

  • Accredited by Emploi Québec

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