Workstation ergonomics evaluation

Poor workstation ergonomics involves many risks. An ergonomics evaluation helps to mitigate any possible risk situations in order to prevent future employee injuries.

Young man sitting at his workstationDuring an ergonomic assessment, an expert advisor from the acciSST Group will visit your business and assess the workstations in terms of their ergonomics. It is well known that the repeated gestures and restrictive postures found in some jobs can cause employees to experience discomfort and even injuries. Our analysis targets operations whose ergonomics create a risk and to provide solutions to significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

It is very advantageous for an employer to ensure workstations are ergonomically sound. In addition to improving safety by reducing the risks of injury that sometimes require a long recovery, such as capsulitis, tendinitis, chronic back pain, etc., a modified workstation provides better concentration, reduces the feeling of exhaustion and maximizes employee productivity. The modifications are very often simple to make and generate many benefits such as providing a safe and healthy workplace.

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