Prevention programs

This prevention action plan is designed according to the particularities of your business. According to workplace health and safety law, it is the main prevention tool an employer can have.

The acciSST Group will help you create your prevention program designed to provide employees with a safe, healthy workplace. It identifies potential dangers and suggests concrete actions to eliminate them and to control all situations involving risk of injury. The program must include the:

  • Main sources of danger
  • Standards and regulations that must be met to eliminate or control these dangers
  • Personal protective equipment to use to protect workers
  • Monitoring and maintenance measures to apply
  • Required training needs and the means to satisfy them

With the help of our expert consultants, you will be properly equipped to create an effective prevention program designed to meet the particular needs of your business!

A prevention program is an essential tool!

Equipping your business with a prevention program is the proper thing to do to limit costly occupational injuries as much as possible!

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