Prevention audits

This is the first step to take for any employer striving to make its business a safe environment in which to work. Our prevention specialist will come onsite to do a full evaluation in order to identify your needs.

Men working in a factoryBy going on-site, they can better determine the nature of your business activities, your specific needs and, afterwards, perform an intervention based on the three main focuses of workplace health and safety, which are identify, correct and control. Identify the problematic situation, correct this situation effectively, and lastly, ensure that the situation is controlled so that it remains safe.
After visiting your workplace our expert will be able to design an action plan in the form of a prevention program. By following their recommendations, you will be certain to meet the CNESST (CSST) requirements.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Provide your employees with a safe working environment and limit the risks of costly occupational injuries.

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