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This service plan is designed for SMEs that are experiencing problems with occupational health and safety. Our team of consultants will respond based on your priorities. Our collaboration will enable you to better prevent and manage injuries based on your financial issues.

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Customized Mandate

This mandate is designed for employers who are learning about the various issues related to a CSST file. They are aware of the significant costs generated by work-related accidents and occupational diseases. These employers want better control of their costs. Le Groupe ACCIsst can help you avoid significant increases in your contribution rates.

Employers can obtain professional support and periodic evaluations of their occupational health and safety situation. They can also offer their employees the personalized training given by Le Groupe ACCIsst.


Hourly Rate Mandate

This service plan is offered for short mandates. It is requested by decision-makers well acquainted with occupational health and safety management. These business people often want to commission a firm such as Le Groupe ACCIsst to take care of a part of their internal activities. Most of the time, these clients are already aware of their needs and have some experience in managing occupational health and safety.

Sometimes, a lack of knowledge makes it difficult to properly follow up on your CSST claims and prevention projects. Our recognized expertise is then available to you. Le Groupe ACCIsst will provide you with practical solutions and it will be easy for you to take action through realizable means.

The hourly rate is a formula that works for managers looking for specific answers to specific questions. This is why we provide this formula to SMEs as well as to large enterprises. Contact us to obtain more information about this type of service.

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