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Prevention Mutual

Of 50,000 employers, 35,000 already belong to a prevention mutual group. See how by becoming a member of a prevention mutual you can save on your contributions.

What the ACCIsst mutual proposes

A saving of 35 to 50% on your CSST bill!

Savings of ACCIsst Prevention Mutual

In addition to savings, the following services are included:

  • Legal services and fees
  • Management audit of your company
  • Development and updating of a prevention program
  • OHS documentation and tools
  • Free training for employees
  • Assistance for the employer with the CSST and the CLP
  • Support in managing your CSST claims
  • Study of your financial classification

The expertise of Le Groupe ACCIsst

Since 1999, Le Groupe ACCIsst has supported SMEs in their prevention efforts and has thus created a very prominent business network. In fact, it is one of the largest brokers in Quebec for employers belonging to an occupational health and safety prevention mutual.

What is a prevention mutual?

A prevention mutual is defined by the CSST as being a group of employers who take part in an approach that favours prevention, rehabilitation and the return to work of workers who suffer from an occupational injury.


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