Booms Lifts and Lifting Platforms

To learn first how to choose the appropriate equipment to use according to the work to be done. The training also covers harness wearing, maintenance and inspection as well as the applicable safety rules for the different kinds of boom lifts and lifting platforms.

6 hours Onsite Training for employees

Learning objectives

  • To know the applicable regulation(s)
  • To understand the features of this kind of equipment
  • To perform daily inspections and to follow a preventative maintenance program
  • To identify the hazards, put preventative measures in place and to control the work environment
  • To learn the rules to operate the equipment safely
  • To protect workers against falls

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Why take this training?

Training is mandatory according to regulations

Only trained workers may use a lifting platform (CSA B354.4‑02 art. 7.1 and CSA B354.2‑01 art. 7.1).

Adapted to the work environment

Our operator training is offered at your business in order to train your employees within
their normal working conditions.

Approachable trainers

Our trainers remain available after the training to answer your questions.

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