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Students must always be prepared before coming to work for you!

Each year many enterprises hire students to work in the summer; students the same age as your children die each year working at a summer job.

Imagine for a moment the nightmare experienced by the victim’s family and co-workers. The nightmare becomes even greater when an investigation clearly shows that simple training or a minimum of preparation before starting the job would probably have prevented the catastrophe. In 2010, according to the CSST, 11,658 young people below the age of 25 were injured working at an enterprise like yours. To make matters worse, four of them died. The CSST meets with thousands of young people to make them aware of a culture of prevention. Employers must also be aware of this culture.

Fortunately, there are employers who do the right thing. These people welcome young workers and make them aware of the risks related to their work. These employers ensure compliance with protective measures and respect for both specific and general safety instructions.

Are you thinking about hiring young people this summer? How will you supervise an impulsive young person who naturally wants to prove him or herself? If you structure your prevention plan to take this reality into account, you will undoubtedly be effective in your training endeavours and prove yourself a responsible manager. Our team of advisors can come to your aid to help you save time and, above all, avoid serious and costly injuries. It’s easy to contact us, just call 1-888-864-7578.


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  • Brigitte Frédette for V.L. Industriel inc.

    The information was very well defined in the prevention program that he created for us. The fact that this program is simple and easy to use has made the job of the person in charge of prevention much easier.