Our Philosophy

Le Groupe ACCIsst can be summed up as quality innovative management of occupational health and safety services. Our work each day confirms our constant concern for continuous improvement. Over the years, our model has demonstrated our close customer relations and the importance of our mission.

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Le Groupe ACCIsst is a dynamic team made up of 40 consultants with a wide array of specializations in occupational health and safety. This multidisciplinary team will be able to meet your needs as regards prevention, reparation, financing, and training.

Furthermore, Le Groupe ACCIsst handles the forming of prevention mutuals. This is an advantageous pricing plan offered by the CSST. This program is designed for Quebec enterprises that want to find a way to benefit from CSST rates that reflect their efforts to prevent and manage work-related accidents.

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Did you know?

  • Compelling statistics for Quebecers!

    There are nearly 245,000 Quebec enterprises registered with the CSST. Among this number are large enterprises subject to the retrospective rate plan and SMEs subject to the personalized and unit rate plans. Thanks to the CSST more than 3,500,000 workers are covered by an insurance that is mandatory for employers.