Important Dates

Enterprises established in Quebec all participate in funding the CSST insurance plan. This rate system is to avoid having business managers bear too heavy a financial burden. Here are some important dates.

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CSST Dates

In January

You must return the duly completed Déclaration des salaires form before March 15 of the current year. This information is necessary for the CSST to know the salaries that you paid during the preceding year as well as to provide an estimate of the salaries anticipated for the current year.

In March

The CSST will send you the Avis de cotisation for the current year. This is the invoice you must pay according to your premium. You must pay it on time, otherwise penalties will be imposed, and the CSST may even exclude you from the prevention mutual.

In October

The CSST will inform you of your classification based on the activities carried out by your enterprise. This classification decision will indicate your premium rate for the next contribution year.

When to register with the CSST

Are you a new employer operating an establishment in Quebec? Do you have at least one employee working full time or part time? If yes, then you must register as an employer with the CSST in the 14 days following the hiring of your first worker.

In the first 60 days, you must also provide information about the nature of your activities and the wages you anticipate paying out over the next year. The Commission will determine your premium based on your sector of activity. CSST insurance is mandatory.

Please note that workers do not have to register and do not have to pay anything to be insured in the event of an employment injury.

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Did you know?

  • Compelling statistics for Quebecers!

    There are nearly 245,000 Quebec enterprises registered with the CSST. Among this number are large enterprises subject to the retrospective rate plan and SMEs subject to the personalized and unit rate plans. Thanks to the CSST more than 3,500,000 workers are covered by an insurance that is mandatory for employers.